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If you have an interest in pens and writing equipment, either as a collector or simply like using a fountain pen there is nothing to beat going to a pen show.The excitement of seeing thousands of writing instruments, the scale can be mind numbing, the amount of knowledge that you can pick up from the dealers and other visitors. You will find that dealers are friendly people and only too keen to pass on their knowledge to you – and of course not forgetting the social side of the event.UK Pen Shows have been owned and organised by two friends who share a love of fountain pens. 
Jeremy Collingridge and Ian Williamson are both members of the Writing Equipment Society having both served the organisation as council members for many years.Indeed they both had their first experience of organising a pen show with the first London Writing Equipment Show when W.E.S. took it over and they have both been involved in its organisation since, Jeremy as show manager and Ian as marketing lead. However 2010 saw both participate in the organisation of LWES for the last time to allow both to concentrate on other things.UK Pen Shows is almost a labour of love, they have three aims for each show, to make the experience enjoyable for visitors and dealers, to have fun and to keep their personal losses as small as possible!


An agreement has been signed to sell UK Pen Shows Limited to Vince Coates and John Twiss of TWICO. It is effective after UK Pen Shows final event of 2019, the Yorkshire Show on 1st December after which administrative matters will be completed by the end of 2019. All of the venues and dates have been settled and booked for 2020 to ensure that the transfer is seamless and all of the Pen Shows in the UK continue in a unified manner. Ian Williamson said, ‘From our first Show in London in 2007 our vision has been to bring collectors and sellers of pens together across the UK.
Over the twelve years since then we have made this vision a reality. I am also currently Chair of the Writing Equipment Society (WES) and am delighted that Vince and John have agreed to support the association between our pen shows and our Society to the benefit of both.’ Jeremy Collingridge said, ‘It has been an inspiring time. We have delivered, year on year, a series of shows of increasing success between the South West and Yorkshire. We have done this in the most cost-effective way we felt we could achieve consistent with the quality of event. We believe we lead Europe and stand comparison with similar Shows anywhere.
There comes a time where fresh energy is needed and now is the time for us.’ Vince Coates said, ‘Ian and Jeremy have done a great job together. John and I are very pleased to be able to take on responsibility for this vision and to combine it with our own very popular Newcastle Pen Show. We are in awe of what they have achieved.’ John Twiss said, ’Vince and I plan to make this change as seamless as we can for all who attend the shows across the country. We can assure everyone that WES will continue to have a presence at our Shows into 2020.